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I have been tested a lot but I have not understood it ..

Nobody could understand my sorrow because I was used to smile.

Do not ignore someone so much that they learn to live without you.

Some people live in the heart… It is not right to take their name from the tongue.

I was the one to understand… now she has become smarter too.

I wish that memories would be shed with tears .. So one day I would sit and cry with a calm …

There is a way to get into the heart but not to go, so when someone goes through the heart, the heart breaks.

When people’s hearts are full ….. then they automatically get excused to go away …..!

Sorrow is not that you will not be able to meet, pain is that we will not forget you.

sad status

Sad Status

Bad times do not give pain, Those who leave together in bad times give pain.

Wish everyone finds someone who never lets them cry.

There are thousands of Mehfil .. There are millions of fairs, but where you are not there, we are alone.

I saw the dream sweet … Wondering how the water of the eyes became salty …!

It is better to remain silent, often people take the wrong meaning of speak.

Today I have come to remember her, then someone must have rejected her.

The desire to get you yesterday was as much as it is today to forget you

Faces often tell lies .. The reality of relationships is known at the time.

 The cut was about to come in luck .. We had chosen the flower which was rose ..

The lights of cities are very strange .. Despite the light, faces are difficult to recognize ..

It is okay to be a stranger in this world, people suffer a lot, often by making themselves

When people can change, what is luck? |

If you relate to the limit, you get sorrow. That is why we meet less than each other.

Teach yourself to trust, no matter how true you are, one day you leave together

Learn to appreciate because .. neither life comes back nor people ..

Not to talk about the truth, look at the lie, how sweet it speaks…

Do not mind me, we do not give pain when we write.

Relationships of the heart never break up .. just become silent ..

There are thousands of problems at this time. Just tolerate if you ignore your eyes Does not happen.

Sad Status In English For Girl

Sad Status In English For Girl

Just look, who has knocked on this door! If ‘love’ is to say, now the heart is no longer here…

It is not so much right now, you will crave to see me one day to talk to me

When ‘no’ means people speak, they even leave looking away.

Love does not happen again and again.

Those people change like time who are given more time…

Love is great, it may be incomplete but not finished….

You were very much inclined to love everyone, we were just beginning to consider ourselves lucky.

These love accidents break hearts, you talk of fun, people leave in the way

If you had life, you will remember me every day, if you have forgotten, then God has remembered us ..

The friend of the moon who wants thousands, what would he think of the lack of a star…

At the moment, you cannot do anything like this, you will have to die without you, you cannot die, the leaves are dry with a twig, luck cannot be seen, you cannot do anything at the moment.

There is a limited friend .. Love should be done by us, we should keep it and if we go away we will also cry ..

Heart is waiting for him. He is immersed in someone else’s desire.

Having seen myself busy, even then only you remember.

You are not unfaithful, but you are so sure that you are not the way you were before.

You have to learn to smile, people learn to cry ..


sad life quotes

We are good fools with the sensible people of the world, we break our dreams but no one’s heart

No journey ever ends, either the path changes or the conversation ends.

There was a question, did you really love me.

Those who cannot stay away from them, they get away from them.

Don’t worry about your bus, whatever pain I have, you don’t have that pain medicine.

It is said that people give up their lives in love, but who cannot give time to anyone, what will they give life.

“When we are unable to make time for our relationship, then time removes the relationship from us.”

You get my enemies good … On everything they say ‘I will not leave you’

I am not able to understand anyone, but I am so sure that someone will regret me after losing me

A man is greater than his karma, not his birth.

Relationship is the friend of all meaning, only money is everyone’s true love.

In keeping everyone’s heart, I often break my heart.

She cries but does not cry.

He would never fear losing me, what will he regret for not being me

Sorry to make mistakes, not to make a dead body.

 You cry for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, you cry

 People always take revenge on a good person after being deceived by the wrong person.


Sad Love Quotes About Life To Beat Sadness

When the tears stop falling, the discomfort comes out in anger

How easily you gave up talking as if we were burdened with friends.

It takes even a small moment to know when, after a lot of love, they say that we can never be one.

Just like that, I am not used to turning around to see you… I saw you… I will see once more

There is a lot of trouble when you talk to everyone except me.

If you ever get free time, then you definitely have to tell us which love we could not give you.

History is witness – digging ‘news’ or ‘grave’ is always your own.

Poison also has its own account, one has to drink a little to die and drink a lot to live.

Give me one heart with one mind, God gives heart only trouble ..

Life has learned one thing that we cannot always be special to anyone.

Those people who cry with love from the heart, those who cheat, break their heart and often sleep peacefully.

Why should you ask for your share of time, because you are neither mine nor time is mine.

If the cost of tears were there, then the pillow last night would be worth billions.

They have started hiding everything from me, they are spending their time with someone else.

Now I feel like a fear, I will not leave you alone with every person who says



Tell me one thing that gets used to talking, does not matter to them one day, the heart becomes sad.

Life has become very strange, those who were passengers did not come, those whom they wanted did not come together .. !!

People talk about giving up their lives even if they tell the truth, they do not even pray with their heart.

Those who have very good hearts, often have very bad luck.

I find you despite being angry with you.

Life has become a spectacle even if you say something bad and bad if you say nothing.

I swear only to you.

You are the one who got trapped first and then laughed and then made you cry a lot.

This heart also dies in the same way that we do not appreciate.

Even though they are far away, they are not ours, yet they are special.

What did anyone think once, luck seems to be bad.

Who has seen the pain of someone’s heart, has seen only the face, the pain is in the loneliness, but in these loneliness people have seen us laughing.

Sometimes we are not even as important for anyone as we think.

What someone has said a lot – Swagger is there in everyone .. He is the one who cares about the relationship ..

Let the weather also change but slowly .. The winds are also surprised by the speed of your change.

Falling leaves have explained to me that if you become a burden, you also drop yourself.


Sad Quotes

Rooting was your natural habit, every time we used to celebrate.

If you do not like me, you will not be able to feel even tell me, you will go that far.

Relationships end slowly, only to find out suddenly.

Do not hate us, we will feel bad, just tell it with love, now you are not needed.

The words are just stinging, the lashes kill.

One worries said, don’t worry, even he will cry who is making you cry today

I asked for friendship and wasted it.

 When you are together, the world looks like your own or else the breath in your chest feels alien.

 If I write something that she does not read, she does not cry and sleeps all night.

 You will get a face from us, but talk about the beautiful but the heart will not lose you.

 The answer can be given to everything, but the person who did not understand the importance of the relationship, what will understand the words.

Makes you sad .. This evening every day..It feels like someone is forgetting .. Slowly ..

love status

Love sad status

In the thousands, I want only one person who cannot hear my evil in my absence.

One day we will all lose each other just thinking that he does not remember me, so why should?

Everything seems to be on its own, but only on things ..!

It would have been a matter of loyalty, would never have lost, it was a matter of miserable things, but could not do anything.

Life is going strangely .. Thought something, done something, got something ..

What became a little hole in my pocket, relationships fell more than coins.

When I die, there are many people who are crying. Looking for someone who dies of my crying.

We also wanted a person who is not destined to forget and is not in luck.

There is some strange relationship between him and my dear, neither is there any reason to hate or find love.

 Someone was ours too, only yesterday.

My desires are exhausted, no one expresses even if they feel good.

I do not feel sad for the whole world being angry, just one silence of yours hurts me.

If you change, where are we from the old, if you stay from coming, then we also keep from calling.

The face will get beautiful from us too, but the matter will come from the heart and neither will you lose.

When it becomes a habit to bear the pain, it stops itself.

Looked at you with heart, what else is left to see?

sad love status

Sad Love status

Relationships are those in which words are less and understand more …

Some remain silent, some speak, some relationships are maintained by me ……

Today, after so many days, this rain reminds me of everything ……

Every night there is no morning, every night that night is waiting…

When a storm comes, the leaves are broken from the tree, the old one is left as soon as the new love is found.

By emphasizing the brain, you count mistakes, never lay hands on my heart and ask, whose fault is this

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