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The pearl of your love, which falls from our eyes, would have chosen it by hand, if you were in front.

Our unfulfilled joys are accused of them even today. If Bo wanted, then this love would not end.

Do not ask us about changing humans. We have also seen our sympathies becoming pain.

Let the light of your memories be with us, do not know where in the evening the life should be.

Love Failure QuotesLove Failure Quotes


Just one word to tell them. Know how many alphabets we wrote for this era.

All ages have passed in his thoughts, friends

In such a spell, we will die of guts, whatever you call, then the father will not come.

Nobody knows anything about me…. The accusations are thousands and nothing is eaten.

Do not know how we are fascinated, we cannot die on whom we are.

You have heard that you take revenge of everything, will try to kiss your lips sometime.

I have also packed the goods, now tell me, friend, where do people live who do not live anywhere.

Every color of life seems to be attractive, which in your love we climb….

My eyesight thinks that he doesn’t punish me yet

There are those beautiful nights when you talk about love.

You stay in my heart, we will stay in your heart. Whenever someone’s heart breaks, they will hold a couple

A freeze has passed, wanting you, You are still news today, like yesterday.

He made us crazy just by looking at him once, we could not do anything by watching him continuously.

His heart aches for his heart, his heart is longing for him, what to say, this fucking heart beats for him and himself.

Failure Quotes

Today the whole world has changed, you are not the only one who has changed, even today you used to give pain even today.

When you become a companion and support me, the journey of every destination becomes easy.

I came to know today how lonely I am, whenever I turn back and look, my face also turns away….

One day he asked me the meaning of doom, I also told you to be angry.

Makes the wounds beat your memories. Drugs of nostalgia… now let us erase them.

In an innocent moment with someone’s innocent face. Love is not loved, love is made.

Wanted to die a hundred times by drowning in their eyes, they bow their eyes each time, they do not even let them die.

Dream remembered when he woke up from sleep in the morning. What was a lot of meeting you will come to see in dreams, extinguish the lights of light in your dreams

Seek my eyes even today, without you your happiness is also sad, I have asked for my God, only then I meet you before I die.

QuotesLove Failure Quotes

❤It is not necessary .. in love… to be found with the help of arms, to feel someone… whole life… is also love! ¡❤

What a beautiful feeling of Love, you feel even after getting away

… 😘 ki 👉👸 you are with me every moment

Your love made us anonymous, made us unaware of every happiness
We never wanted to be loved,
But his first look auctioned us.

If he says reality, he feels a dream, he does joke then he jokes, how much we miss him, and he is the one who makes all this fun.

This is how love begins when it is spoken with silent eyes

We do not know the condition of the heart,We don’t know how to suffer, We want to hear his voice,But we don’t have an excuse to talk.

Somebody gets a favor on someone,A stranger’s face falls in love.

Love is not always about the merits,One also falls in love with one’s shortcomings.

You are the pride of the eyelids, You are the smile of laughter faces, The heart just beats in your heart, Then how should I not tell you my love.

Love Failure QuotesLove Failure Quotes


It is very reassuring when we talk to him, In those thousands of nights it is one night, When they look at me and look at me, Then that moment is the whole work for me.

How to end the relationship with them, When we meet, we forget the world.

World was listening with great passion, We slept and told the story.

Life went on like this, When I got the links, I became a chain.

True love, why not for the moment! But for a lifetime, “memories” give.

You will go silently someday from your world, Who is to appreciate love? It will teach you time…

The journey was short with you, but…You became memorable for your life.

I find myself confined in a closed room, Whenever my heart misses you ..

As soon as your eyes open, you remember your face, How wonderful is this first happiness of the day too ..

Broken things do not trust the feet, but The heart still says that you are mine ..

It makes me sad every evening, It seems like someone is slowly being forgotten.

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