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In the mirror of the heart

He is capable of love!

Else worthy of the wall

Every picture is there !!

I have so much love

Not even myself,

As much as you have done !!

The way I wanted you,

If someone else wants to forget me

There are thousands of festivals,

There are millions of fairs,

But where you are not

We are alone there.

You were the only one among thousands of faces

On which we die!

Otherwise there was no shortage of desires,

And those who do not want.

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Have you taken a thousand times

Search my heart!

Tell me have you ever received anything

Except this in love !!

Where did we know that

What is love

Just one you meet and

Life became love

 I have thousands of wishes ..

But only you need.

Don’t be surprised every morning,

When I talk like this!

Relationship which are of the heart,

They miss.

Heart is scaring me today,

Remember them otherwise

I will also stop beating.

The lovers will keep on meeting,

All your age

Only you never forget

That wish will surely be ours !!

I want to be inside of you,

Will play like this!

To see you will be surprised

How would you like

If in leisure time you

If you miss me

Do not do it now.

Because i’m lonely

But of course not.

I like your name

With my name,

As if someone is in the morning

With a beautiful evening.

Good meet many

But nobody found you.

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I never wanted anything

Before you want to!

You met

Desires fulfilled !!

Having a relationship

Relationship does not form!

By having a relationship

Relationship is formed !!

Trust everyone

But with caution,


Sometimes own teeth

Bites the tongue.

Let’s go to some such place,

Where there is no one else

It’s love night

Love is dawn!

You are my dream

Which I want to complete in any case !!

Stay close while you are away

No matter how hard you stay!

I am silent just for your happiness

Do not understand that my heart does not hurt !!

You are my most beautiful mistake,

I accept your heart every happiness and every sorrow !!

Know if you can

My life is alive if you are

You are dead even if it is lifeless !!

Some people are very good but,

Their luck does not support them !!

It is only from the distance that we know,

How special is the proximity !!

Why not get into trouble

True love ever

Won’t leave you !!

If someone names you Nick, then understand

That you are very special for him !!

Which brings happiness to my face as soon as you think,

You are that beautiful thought !!

No matter how painful it is,

It is true that whoever is in love,

Nowhere in the world !!

It is we who are facing this loneliness,

If you were, you would surely die !!

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The deficiency must have been in your luck, otherwise

I left no stone unturned to make you mine !!

If you know, then know my love,

Believe me you are in my heart !!

This is why people have started cheating on love because

People have started liking body more than heart !!

You have heard that you are very stubborn!

Make me your stubbornness too

Even if there is no line in the hands,

You will always be in my heart !!

I don’t complain to you since your time

What you never got for me !!

Sometimes despite the love in the heart,

Relationships break up just because of misunderstanding !!

Smile is for everyone but,

Tears are only for those who are our own !!

No one can love you more than those people

Who can make your happiness successful for you !!

Even if you get angry, you will come to me only

I am not used to living without you !!

If you get some time, talk.

What do you know about the hit?

Not being with every moment but

True love is to feel each other every moment !!

Do you know who is happy?

Getting along with the person we love so much !!

There are many people in the world but

Everything is yours for me !!

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Now we rather you,

I just want your protection !!

What is the name of love,

This does not happen to anyone but you !!

Life passed on a dream

Whole dream dreams like this

On the condition of changing someone,

Don’t make relationships

I was not in his life,

But I was all his life ..

A person goes down in my heart like this

Like he knew all the way to my heart

Love lovers don’t live nor die

Only like flowers, they pass through thorns ..!

True love is like a prison inmate

In which even if age passes, the punishment is not complete.

If you go from body to soul, reality is love

And if you go from soul to soul then worship is love

Want to hide you in my heart

Because this era is very bad

Drown in love, see a different view

In this world of love, one name is ours.

I love so I care, if I hate I won’t even mention

He was a strange person,

Life changing,

Changed itself ..!

Often the love of appearances makes more noise…,

Otherwise, true love is limited only in gestures.

Don’t ask us our age, friends.

We are love, we are always young

Can’t we just ask you for it,

And you smile and say that you don’t ask for your things.

People say that love happens once,

But I meet the same person again and again!

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I have changed a lot in myself, but,

The habit of wanting you to break it has not changed yet.

Hearts will take care of her

Just once they tell me that I am in your favor.

When I saw you, I also understood love,

Otherwise he used to hear the praise of this word only.

Life is beautiful, everybody used to say,

The day I saw you, I was convinced too!

I will mortgage my life,

You just tell me the price to smile

One is relaxed and one is you

Where do you live these days?

People say my choice is bad,

But i still like you

Can’t we just ask for love,

And you hug and say something else?

If you have to hate me, then keep your intentions strong

Even if you do a little, it will be love.

In which we forgot ourselves by losing,

Have we also found those eyes?

Who and when does love fall in love,

This is a house that does not have a door.

We are pity to hear something from your lips,

Don’t talk about love, just complain ..

I was with you too,

I am yours without you !!

Wish you were dead

So one day I definitely would

Whose punishment is only you

I have to commit such a crime

If you die, you will have millions,

But we want to die with you!

The people who do not love are stubborn

Need very encouragement to be ruined… !!!

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Hardly anyone loves me now

You can see clearly in my eyes… !!!

I still don’t care about my tomorrow,

But desire will last you

My love is far away from me,

If there was insistence, it would be in the arms by evening.

No one will come in my life except you

There is only one death that I do not promise…

We lose ourselves so much

Do you think you are the one.

You have searched my heart thousands of times

Tell me, have you ever received anything except you !!!!

You have come in life but take care

We give ‘life’ but don’t ‘let go’ !!

Truth told someone learn to live in loneliness,

Love is as true as it gets!

This heart only knows the beauty of my love

I do not need your breath to live… !!!

The style of the eyes changes,

Whenever we go in front of them !!

It is heard that prayers are acceptable in the rain

If you are respectful then ask for it !!

You have lived for many years,

Now be my only one!

I melt like seeing your picture,

Just tell me there is no wax in any place !!

Neither does it want the moon, nor does it want a plank,

I just want this glimpse of you !!

If I get angry then you convince

Do not say anything, just attach it to your chest.

Smile on your face,

I love my life too !!

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